Noise Program

We strive to be a great airport for our passengers and a great neighbor to our surrounding community. Aircrafts are expected to adhere to the following guidelines to help minimize noise disturbance in the area.

In our continuing effort to improve noise compatibility with the communities surrounding Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FAT), the City of Fresno Airports Department has completed a noise and land use compatibility study per Title 14 Part 150 of the Code of Federal Regulations. This study, and subsequent updates, documented aircraft noise exposure in the form of a Noise Exposure Map (NEM) and developed a Noise Compatibility Program (NCP) to minimize incompatibilities with surrounding land uses. These efforts resulted in the development of numerous noise compatibility measures along with establishment of the FAT Residential Sound Insulation Program, locally known as the SMART Program.

Noise Exposure Map (NEM)

The NEM is a map that identifies land uses in the vicinity of the Airport and shows the noise exposure from aircraft operations using contours similar to topographical maps.  The noise contours depicted on the NEM are expressed in terms of the Community Noise Equivalency Level (CNEL) and provide one of the elements used to determine eligibility for participation in the SMART Program. The Airport recently completed an update of the FAT Noise Exposure Map. A link of the new map depicting the 2022 forecast conditions can be found at 2022 NEM_Contour .

Noise Compatibility Program (NCP)

The NCP is a list of actions the airport has undertaken to minimize existing and future incompatibilities due to aircraft noise. Major elements implemented under the Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FAT) Noise Compatibility Program can be summarized as follows:

  • Noise Abatement Measures
    • Restricted hours of operation, flight training activity and use of afterburners for the California Air National Guard
    • Restricted hours of helicopter operations and training areas for the California Army National Guard
    • Established helicopter pattern altitude of 803 feet MSL and SVFR Routes to avoid noise sensitive areas
    • Established Noise Abatement Procedures for arrivals, departures and minimum altitudes
    • Prohibit large aircraft touch-and-go activity from 2200-0700
  • Noise Program Land Use Measures
    • Acquired non-compatible developed properties in the highest noise areas
    • Established the Residential Sound Insulation Program (SMART Program)
    • Provided sound insulation of Noise Sensitive Public Buildings (Schools)
    • Amended zoning and building codes for compatible use

Residential Sound Insulation (SMART) Program

The SMART Program is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funded program that provides, at no cost to the homeowner, noise mitigation measures to eligible residences in the 65dB – 75dB CNEL contours around FAT. The program reduces the impact of aircraft noise by providing and installing noise reducing windows, exterior doors and other acoustic treatments.


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