Traveling With Children

Know Before You Go! Please contact your airline for available resources, airline-specific policies and more!

A Mother and son going on vacation together, wearing face masks

TSA Tips

  • TSA allows children 12 and under to leave their shoes, light jackets and headwear on during screening
  • Remove infants and children from carriers and carry them in your arms through the walk-through metal detector
  • Place all carry-on baggage such as children’s toys, bags and blankets on the X-ray belt for screening
  • Children will not be separated from their parent or guardian during the screening process
  • Modified screening procedures are in place to reduce the likelihood of a pat-down
  • Strollers, baby carriers, car and booster seats and backpacks must also be screened by X-ray. Equipment that does not fit through the X-ray machine will undergo a visual/physical inspection by TSA officers

For additional tips and information, please visit the TSA’s Traveling with Children webpage.


Mother's Room

Fresno Yosemite International Airport features a Mother’s Room, a private area in which mothers can express milk. The Mother’s Room is centrally located post-security screening along the passageway to the airline boarding gates. Amenities include a comfortable seating area, soft lighting, electrical outlets and granite countertop with a sink, all designed to create a nurturing environment for passengers and working mothers.

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