Byron Elnore

My name is Byron Elmore (a.k.a. Bijon) and I am proud to be the creator of Bijonart. I am a

self-taught Fine Art Painter as well as a Digital artist.

I was raised in the city of Alameda, California in the East Bay area and am now residing in

Clovis, Ca. with my wife of 42 years after losing our home to the Paradise fire that we

survived through God's grace.

I spent many of my early years working as a Draftsman for a couple of Engineering firms.

That my career spanned approximately 20 years until I decided to switch careers to become

a Graphic Artist. I obtained my degree in Graphic design and went on to work as a

professional Illuminated and Non-illuminated Sign designer.

After working inside for years, I decided to switch to the new career that I still enjoy today

which is that of an Environmental Inspector which I have been doing for approximately 10