Donna Hopson

b. 1948, lives and works in Fresno, CA

“Color is my greatest inspiration.  The interactions between colors and textures drive me to make my artwork.  And ultimately, the joy I gain from my creations is simply by having fun.”

I’ve taken my photos of Frida Kahlo and printed them onto fabric and added dimension to them by sewing on them and added  other embellishments to them. These Mixed Media pieces I do for fun and to explore various materials.

The reason I chose my Frida Kahlo doll as the focus of this series is that I needed an easily accessible, inexpensive and cooperative model, and the second reason that I chose Frida is that she is a world wide phenomenon, recognized by millions of people even if they know nothing about her.

I have known Frida’s art work since the early 1980’s she has been an inspiration to myself and many others. Frida’s paintings are an example that art can be realistic, surrealistic and not necessarily beautiful. I admire her deeply for the courage she showed with expressing openly her physical limitations and in her marriage to muralist Diego Rivera.

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Donna Hopson is a Fresno native and has a long history of photo-to-fabric transfers and often with colorful embellishments.  Having refined her keen sensitivity for color and with a spirit that “art should be fun,” she has made the exciting transition from private exchanges to public showings, first debuting at the 2015 Spectrum Print Auction.  The self-described “Frida-phile” captures the iconic Mexican artist in a novel context, while still echoing neomexicanismo style.

This exhibition is presented by the Fresno Yosemite International Airport Arts & Culture program, which aims to welcome travelers to the Central Valley and showcase original works by artists who call this vibrant and diverse region home.