Kati Thomson

Kati Thomson

Kati Thomson is a California native, which has informed each of her creative efforts. Kati was born in Fresno and returned to the Central Valley after living in both South­ern and Northern California for work and education. After a long career in health- care, her need to tell stories has taken her from writing unpublishable novels and screenplays, some decent poetry, then to film production. Finally, she has found a home in visual art. Working mostly in oil, Kati paints a variety of subjects both from life and in her studio in Clovis, California with a focus on Figurative art.

l'm drawn again and again to the human figure, the faces around me. What is it about the placement of a single line that creates or destroys recognition between one human and another - in implied motion/rest, attractiveness/non-attractiveness, inner dialogue. We read body language without thinking and in a way create a story about other people with so little real information. How is it that we can draw so much understanding of a person with just a crease between the brow or the position of a head?

I like things a little disordered, creating clarity in the things that are important to me and letting the rest fall apart a little. When I was writing, I imagined my story in a series of vignettes. And while I could picture every detail of my characters - their intentions, thoughts, feelings - I struggled with the links between the scenes. As a visual artist I realize that those missing details are the mysteries of human stories and I prefer leaving them up to the viewer.

As far as landscapes - I live in a place of real beauty - I'm constantly stopped in my tracks by the epic nature of California. The sensual rolling foothills that are an im­possible green in the spring and crushed golden velvet in the summer. And then you interrupt that perfect imperfection with the straight line of humanity - a road, a a dam, a windmill. I'm transfixed by how that alters and creates a narrative for that scene."

Mostly self-taught, Kati has work-shopped at Art Student's League of NY and with many well-known artists such as Arthur Gain, Randall Sexton, Hadas Tai, Anki King, Steven Assael and others. Kati's work has found its home in Corporate and private collections in California, Seattle, Scottsdale, AZ, Michigan and New York.

Current Representation:

- John Natsoulas Gallery - Davis, CA., Oakland, CA

- The Door Art Gallery - Fresno, CA,

Recent Exhibitions: 2022

- Artists for Amnesty - Group Show John Natsoulas Gallery

- San Francisco Art Market - John Natsoulas Gallery

- LA Art Show - John Natsoulas Gallery

- Solo Show - JSonder' John Natsoulas Gallery

- Great Landscape Show - John Natsoulas Gallery