Tomas Panzarino

Lives and works in Fresno, CA

“I love to travel, soaking up international culture and regional quirkiness that add to the flavor of my works.”

Tomas Panzarino is a self-taught artist who makes paintings using zinc sheeting and acrylic paint. Over time, he has developed a process he titles “Zinc & Polychrome” that combines these two media in works ranging from small to very large scale. Panzarino hand-etches the zinc substrate with forms — waves, sky, landscapes — which are then outlined or painted over with colorful and playful scenes. Then they are varnished and buffed to a high shine.

The artist draws his inspiration for his work from his his travels all over California, the Caribbean, and the rest of the world — he paints fishermen with their catch, sea animals, boats, and iconic landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge. His paintings are whimsical, conveying a sense of delight and fun in the world around him and revealing a precise eye for detail. Panzarino is prolific, often working on many paintings with his painstaking process at the same time.

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Tomas Panzarino is an artist of Italian American descent. He belongs to a family of artists, and spent his early years in New York before moving to California in 1968. He lives and works in the San Joaquin Valley where he is widely collected.

This exhibition is presented by the Fresno Yosemite International Airport Arts & Culture program, which aims to welcome travelers to the Central Valley and showcase original works by artists who call this vibrant and diverse region home.